ITOW is a specialized provider of integrated DaaS, BI, and AI solutions delivered through social media and language-agnostic capabilities.

We provide our advanced offerings through algorithms from risk assessment and probabilistic recommendation engines widely used by influencers, media strategists, and market analysts. ITOW offers access to comprehensive and accurate data, including polarity and trend, along with product, customer, behavioral, and social science analytics.

ITOW is a pioneering cloud-native social media solution provider for DaaS, data-driven analytics, and AI solutions. We serve clients across diverse industries and organizations of all sizes, including media and marketing agencies, financial institutions, think tanks, corporations, and governmental bodies.

Our advanced AI solutions include topic-driven probabilistic recommendations, polarity, trend analytics, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies

We help clients calibrate detailed BI insights with leading DaaS offerings while systematically compiling and qualifying social media data gathered from multiple sources. By doing so, we provide organizations with real-time insights and analytics to drive the most efficient data-backed decisions. 

Business Values

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Probabilistic Recommendation Systems
  • Opinion-ai 
  • Risk-ai 

Business Intelligence (BI) & Insights

  • Trend apps
  • Statical metrics

Data as a Service (DaaS)

  • Structured data
    • Social media

Evolution Qualities



Design flexibility

Functional Features