The Power of Insights

Our advanced and proprietary AI/ML solutions provide you with the analytic edge


Insights into influencers and centers of power that shape debates and policies.

Insights into Sentiments and Trends that predict news before the news is made.

Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine language algorithms, our cloud-native multimedia and social media solutions are designed to comb through and mine years of native content and data sources in any language or country, identify and analyze complex patterns and issues, and generate actionable analysis in English beyond the abilities of human analysts working alone.

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Analytics in Every Field

Use our solutions to enhance your understanding of political, economic, social, cultural, and regional trends and their impact on energy supply, security, and financial markets. 



Social Sciences




Our analytics are versatile. Select your area of interest and your timeframe and let our issue-focused discourse AI provide you with insights into trends, sentiments, influencers, and emerging risks. These insights will arm you with more effective analysis to inform strategic communications and policy options.

Flexible Delivery

Hands-on or hands-off,
assisted or not, you get your insights.


Use our unique integrated solutions platform and interactively generate insights and analysis of interest to you.


Use our unique data models and business intelligence dashboards for detailed reports and analysis.


Ask for our language-enabled subject matter experts to further assist you with insights, strategies, and next steps.

At Quantum Politics we give you the analytic edge by honing in on the news makers before they make the news.